Sektionsmöte Elektronikkomponenter 8 maj – gästföreläsare från England

Dag: 8 maj
Tid: 10-12 + lunch
Plats: Teknikföretagen/TEBAB Storgatan 5 Stockholm

På agendan:

  • S.E.E. – uppföljning
  • En internationell utblick – internationell statistik presenteras

“Nordic Statistical Service / Electronic Components Markets – An Update and Overview…”


Aubrey Dunford
Managing Partner / Markets Analyst
Europartners Consultants / ecsn

An introduction to the Nordic Statistical Service and how the data links to “What’s Happening” in the electronic components markets with an initial focus on Sweden, then the Nordic, EU, Russia, India, China and finally the US to provide a Global overview.

Aubrey Dunford is the Markets Analyst at ECSN and Managing Partner of Europartners Consultants. He is the editor of the Europartners Annual Distribution Report and is engaged in a number of consultancy projects within the electronics industry. Prior to joining Europartners in 2001 he worked for Philips for 25 years, holding a number of senior Marketing and Sales positions in the UK and Internationally in both the Semiconductor and Components Divisions.