Kurs Elektronikhandboken 2.0

På kursen går vi igenom Elektronikhandboken 2.0 med sina mallar, checklistor och bilagor. Kurstillfället leds av Mats Andersson och Maria Månsson, Svensk Elektronik.

About: The first version of Smartare Elektronikhandboken was released in 2017 and the response from companies in the Swedish electronics industry was very positive. This Handbook focused on the information needed between involved parties from design and development  to the production of a new electronic product. The work done with the dedicated participation of many experts from companies within the field. Due to the positive reception and feedback asking for more information regarding quality and reliability but also more practical guidance useful in the design process, Smartare Elektroniksystem with support from Vinnova, decided to produce this second extended edition.

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